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(210) 222-0220 | Get Directions

Mad Dogs Today

Downtown San Antonio

Mad Dogs San Antonio, Texas is a colourful collage of all things “fun”. Located on the beautiful and historic River Walk, Mad Dogs offers our customers “a little taste of Britain in the heart of Texas”. Guys and Girls in kilts, British Pub food, nightly entertainment, refreshing cocktails, British Draught Beers all blended with British pub décor, telephone boxes, letter boxes and Union Jacks make for a unique and authentic British Fun Pub.

Mad Dogs is positioned to provide a great British Pub experience to all of the Tourists, conventioneers and locals that come to the San Antonio River Walk. Every day we strive to improve and better all we offer and thank all of our guests that have come and enjoyed the Mad Dogs Experience over the years.

Mad Dogs Future

The Mad Dogs Group is ready and poised for real growth in the US and North America. Opportunities for employment, investment exist at this current time.

Please contact us direct if you have an interest. At this important juncture in our journey, we invite you to visit Mad Dogs & enjoy our products, service and uniquely packaged brand of fun and Frivolity… at a store coming to your town soon…

Fish 'N' Chips

We are famous for our Fish & Chips, however our menu also boasts the Best of British Pub Grub showcasing such tasty home favorites as Cottage Pie, Scotch Eggs and Bangers & Mash. All this alongside fresh salads, sandwiches, steaks, burgers and even a section dedicated to Vegetarian Fare.

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Mad Dogs British Pub
123 Losoya Street, Suite 19,
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Located directly on the Riverwalk under the Hyatt Regency.
(210) 222-0220

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